Rocket Testing in the Rocky Mountains

Advanced Mobile Propulsion Test is a space propulsion testing and engineering services company located in Durango, Colorado


Our Team

We approach technical challenges with an attitude of delivering customer-centered, innovative solutions. Our team excels at providing disciplined program execution and maximizing flexibility in order to respond to changing program needs. AMPT is dedicated to ensuring our customers’ success.

Our Facility

AMPT has industry-leading liquid rocket engine test facilities. The data that we deliver is unparalleled for its high fidelity, close coupling, and rapid generation. Our control systems allow for fast and efficient test modifications to respond to changing program needs. Working with AMPT means quicker, better analysis of your rocket engine performance. AMPT provides the best data per dollar in the industry.


Test Services

AMPT specializes in testing hypergolic propulsion systems at mission temperature and pressure conditions, providing both continuous and on-demand altitude performance that can support a variety of duty cycles.

Engineering Services

AMPT can help you meet your own test facility and data acquisition needs. AMPT’s talented team of engineers has broad experience in designing, procuring, and implementing state of the art test equipment and industry leading data acquisition systems.


AMPT was founded in 2009 to support research, development, and qualification of spacecraft boost and attitude control propulsion systems.  AMPT was founded on the belief that we could provide a level of customer service, innovation, efficiency, and responsiveness unparalleled in the industry. AMPT has performed over two thousand hot-fire tests for commercial and government customers, including Aerojet Rocketdyne, Boeing, Raytheon Missile Systems, the Air Force Research Laboratory, NASA, and the Missile Defense Space Agency.


Durango offers an excellent environment for both work and play. As a tourist town and regional hub, Durango has amenities found in much larger cities, including excellent restaurants,  hotels, live music, and nightlife. Located near the San Juan mountain range in Southwest Colorado, Durango offers easy access to all of the activities in the Four Corners Area. Durango is a unique mountain community; our employees and customers love to work, live, and play here.

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1334 Airport Road
Durango, CO 81303

Test Site:
1125 County Road 309A
Durango, CO 81303
Phone: 970-247-0840