Test Services

AMPT provides hot-fire test solutions for the space propulsion industry. We provide precise and actionable data at mission temperature and pressure, resulting in the best data per dollar for Development, Qualification, and Acceptance Testing Programs.


Engineering Services

AMPT brings our extensive testing experience to consulting services. We provide consulting for the design and implementation of DACS and propulsion test platforms.





Propellant Systems

  • 0.1 lb to 5000lb thrust capacity
  • Bi- and mono- hypergolic propellants
  • Purge, bleed, and flush systems designed to minimize helium bubbles
  • High fidelity transient and steady state flow measurements
  • Vertical, close coupled feed system
  • Propellant temperature conditioning -20F to 100F
  • Temperature can be controlled in run tank, bleed tank, run lines, and engine inlet

Digital Acquisition and Instrumentation

  • High speed video and thermal imaging
  • Real time GUI and health monitoring
  • Rapid test sequence modification
  • Custom high speed redlines
  • Close coupled data, up to 2 MHz
  • In Situ calibration
  • Immediate review of data
  • Custom data analysis
  • Development and consultation for external customers


  • Over 100,000 ft space simulation
  • 600 seconds of test time per day
  • Multistage nitrogen ejector system
  • On demand and continuous
  • Highly controlled and efficient shutdown

Water Flow

  • High purity 2MΩ deionized water flow
  • Injector flow characterization

Engine Services

  • Rapid test article, instrumentation, facility reconfiguration
  • Engine preparation, inspection, modification, and decontamination
  • Positive clean air work bench


Our Consulting Mission

AMPT understands that the layout and design of test stand hardware, instrumentation, and supporting systems are crucial to performing efficient testing with accurate and relevant results.

We apply our extensive experience and innovative attitude in system development, with safety and operational efficiency as benchmarks in all projects.

Our Facility Consulting Services

AMPT’s Consulting Services include conceptual and detail design, procurement and fabrication, and installation of test systems at customer sites.

Our team has experience in designing and deploying state of the art propellant feed systems and close-coupled data acquisition systems. We can provide customized data acquisition and control software for system analysis and control, including highly functional Graphical User Interfaces.


AMPT provides test services at our headquarters in Durango, CO and our secondary site in Mojave, CA. AMPT hardware and infrastructure is fully mobile, allowing us to provide full testing services at any location in the continental US, providing an alternative to shipping hazardous propellants and engine systems.


Although AMPT is not located in a major metro area, the prevalence of the oil and gas industry lays substantial infrastructure to allow AMPT to remain agile. AMPT has access to local companies that specialize in propellant handling, nitrogen and other consumables, and other industrial supplies.

Holt Sheet Metal, an AMPT business partner, is a local machine shop with world class capability, including a large five axis mill, CNC mill, and water jet table. Having a Durango based machine shop also allows AMPT to have parts fabricated and delivered same day or next day for high flexibility and response time to customer needs.


AMPT strives to continuously improve our capability and engineering services. We are always excited to tackle new engineering problems and are proud to provide custom solutions for customers. If you have an engineering project that doesn’t fit within the capabilities listed above, please contact us to discuss your needs. We may be able to offer consulting, design services, or expand our capability to meet your needs.

We'd love to hear from you.

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Test Site:
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