Daudi Barnes

President and Chief Engineer

Daudi founded AMPT in 2009 to fulfill his vision of providing state of the art testing services for the space propulsion industry; he takes pride in delivering excellent customer service and program flexibility at a competitive price. Daudi earned his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, magna cum laude, from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott. His previous experience includes nearly a decade as a Propulsion Scientist for Rocketdyne, where he worked as a development engineer on the Space Shuttle Main Engine. He has extensive experience in the design and analysis of engine instrumentation, engine verification, combustion stability, and failure investigation. His work includes particular emphasis on test facility design, construction, check-out, and operation. At AMPT, Daudi is Chief Engineer with oversight over all design and fabrication of test stands. As President, he has oversight of company marketing, customer relations, business development, and company vision. He has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the Durango Chamber of Commerce and is a licensed pilot.

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Eric Pinkerton

Vice President and General Manager

Eric has over twenty years of engineering experience and over a decade of managerial experience. He earned his Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from The University of Kansas and his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St Louis. His previous experience includes twelve years at Intel in a semiconductor manufacturing facility, Honeywell working on the Air Force Satellite Control Network contract, and StoneAge, a local company that manufactures high pressure waterblasting tools for industrial cleaning applications.  Eric is the General Manager at AMPT where is responsible for financial management, program execution, proposals, and other operational functions.

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Technical Staff

Mesa Hollinbeck

Lead Propellant Systems Engineer, Lead Design Engineer

Mesa has over five years of experience at AMPT. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics, magna cum laude, from Fort Lewis College, where he pursued opportunities with Engineers without Borders, including projects focused on the design and implementation of potable water systems in Ecuador and Laos. At AMPT, he is the Lead Propellant Systems Engineer and Lead Design Engineer; he has expertise in CAD/CAE, FEA, design for manufacturing and assembly, and statics analysis. Mesa has received training in Creo Parametric, Hazmat handling, hypergolic propellant handling, and cryogenic engineering principles. He is a certified Engineer in Training by the NCEES.

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Ryan Good

Software Engineer

Ryan is AMPT’s software engineer responsible for the Data Acquisition and Control Systems (DACS).  Ryan graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering.   Ryan is responsible for maintaining and improving the AMPT DACS system as well as acting as the lead engineer for deployment of DACS systems for other companies.  In his free time Ryan enjoys rock climbing, backcountry skiing, and loud music.

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Mike Fitzpatrick

Propulsion Engineer and Analyst

Mike earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Fort Lewis College.  At AMPT, he is the propulsion analyst and test engineer.  Mike is responsible for the AMPT data analysis systems and program data reporting.  Mike also acts a lead engineer on programs, planning the buildup and execution for any test facility modifications and is a key member of the test team.  When not busy at work, Mike enjoys rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking.

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Billy Nollet, PhD

Propulsion Scientist

Billy earned his Doctorate and Master of Science degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Wisconsin; he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Space Physics with concentrations in Astrophysics and Exotic Propulsion from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott. He is an Assistant Professor at Fort Lewis College in the Department of Physics and Engineering, and is the Director of the Thermal Hydraulics Laboratory. Billy works as a consultant and Propulsion Scientist for AMPT, where he contributes to research and development, advanced data analysis, and engine assembly and inspection. Billy has expertise in instrumentation for nuclear reactor cooling systems and propulsion systems and nuclear and aerospace thermal systems; his active research includes liquid sodium systems and advanced propulsion development.

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